Laboratorio di Linguistica
'Giovanni Nencioni'

















The Linguistics Laboratory 'G. Nencioni' is located on the ground floor of the Palazzo della Carovana in Piazza dei Cavalieri where the Scuola Normale is located.
Directions to reach places with the School: GoogleMaps.

How to reach the Linguistics Laboratory of the Scuola Normale Superiore

By air

The Pisa Airport is near the city centre (about 2 km).Scuola Normale Superiore (henceforth SNS) can be reached from the Airport with the city bus "LAM Rossa" in the direction "torre - S. Jacopo" (Compagnia Pisana Trasporti) or by Pisamover. The bus terminal is just off the departures’ side and the Pisamover terminal is in the airport. Get off immediately after crossing the bridge over the river Arno, called "Ponte Solferino", and walk from there for about 10 minutes (walking path from the bus stop to SNS). Tickets can be purchased at the newspaper kiosk or from the automatic machine at the terminal. As an alternative, take a taxi from the airport (+39.050.541600); the trip costs about 15 euros.

The next closest airport is Florence Airport. For people landing there, the suggestion is to take a taxi to the train station "Firenze Rifredi" (not to be confused with "Firenze Santa Maria Novella", which is the main station). From there one finds trains to Pisa more than once per hour. Other possible airports are those of Genoa and Rome. See below as for reaching SNS from the Pisa train station. Those who need a hotel near Florence airport can consult the following site: google.maps

By train

The main stationin Pisa is “Pisa Centrale”, about 1,4 km from SNS.
Please Note: Intercity and Eurostar trains require obligatory seat reservation. Train tickets must be date-stamped before boarding in the date-stamp machines located in all Italian stations. SNS can be reached from the station by bus (Compagnia Pisana Trasporti). The bus stop is just outside the station on the right handside; tickets can be purchased at the newspaper kiosk or from the automatic machine at the bus stop. Take anyone of the busses in the direction of the city center (n. 2, 4, 13, LAM Verde), get off at “Pacinotti 2” and walk from there for about 5 minutes (walking path from the stop to SNS).
As an alternative, take a taxi (+39.050.541600); the trip costs about 10 euros.The third option is to walk to SNS in about 20-25 minutes (walking path).

By car

SNS is located in a restricted traffic zone and therefore is not accessible by car. The nearest free car park is located in the street “Pietrasantina”; from there you can reach Piazza dei Cavalieri with the bus “LAM rossa” (airport direction), getting off at “Pacinotti 1” and walking from there for about 10 minutes (walking path from the stop to SNS). If you want to park nearby (five minute walk to SNS), you can park in the blue striped area against payment of a fee (look for the automatic machines) in the streets “Luigi Bianchi” or “Cardinale Maffi”. If you really need to get to SNS by car, send an e-mail to: In this case, a special permission should be obtained against payment of a fee.

Information on the location of the guest-house of the SNS (Collegio Puteano)

Collegio Puteano is located in Piazza dei Cavalieri just in face of SNS. See above for the directions.Collegio Puteano is open until midnight. Should the guests arrive later, one should ring the bell, so that the doorman in the main SNS building can take care of the situation (please do not make use of this possibility beyond strict necessity).