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Italian Journal of Linguistics / Rivista di Linguistica




















Starting with volume 26 (2014), the journal web site is:

Volumes up to 2013 can be browsed.

Italian Journal of Linguistics/Rivista di Linguistica is a peer-review journal addressing all relevant aspects of linguistics, broadly construed, comparing different schools and methods.  It seeks to bridge the gap between descriptive and theoretical research, welcoming work which makes complex language data accessible to those unfamiliar with the language or language area under study, as well as work which makes complex theoretical positions more accessible to those working outside that theoretical framework. In particular, by often hosting thematic issues, the journal provides a forum for the discussion of specific topics from a variety of points of view. The journal appears twice a year. In addition to research-articles, it hosts review-articles, i.e. pieces that blend the aims of a review with those of an article, often surveying more than one important book on a related theme, or giving a detailed assessment of a single major work, thus providing an overview of a subfield of particular interest. Normal reviews, by contrast, are not considered in the current editorial policy. The main language of the journal is English; contributions in French, German, Spanish and Italian are accepted provided the subject of the paper justifies this choice.