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QLL (= Quaderni del Laboratorio di Linguistica della Scuola Normale Superiore, appearing since 1987) aims at promoting the rapid dissemination of the results of research projects undertaken by the staff of Laboratorio di Linguistica, as well as by external co-workers and visiting scholars. An archive dating back to 1994 is available for free download. QLL is now only published on-line in open-access format. In most cases, QLL includes unrefereed, preliminary versions of papers in progress, or under submission elsewhere. Needless to say, comments are welcome. As a consequence, the versions published here do not include the corrections/modifications introduced in the final publication. When the latter becomes available, the reader is warned of that in the opening page of the relevant paper. Occasionally, QLL includes original contributions and extended versions of papers published in conference proceedings under strong space restrictions or presented as posters. It is preferable to cite each paper in the final version, whenever available, rather than in the preliminary QLL version. Downloadable copies of working papers might be removed from this site after final publication.
Starting with issue 11/2012, contributions are proggresively added in a piece-meal way.

The QLL is registered with the following ISSN: 2038-3207
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Copyright of papers in QLL remains with the authors or their assignees. The papers may be downloaded for individual use, subject to the ordinary rules governing fair use of professional scholarship. Downloading of papers for any other activity presupposes the written consent of the authors. In all cases, authors and sources must be cited. Please use the following citation format: Author (year). Title. Quaderni del Laboratorio di Linguistica della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (volume)







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