14: 00 OPENING

Barbara Gili Fivela and Massimiliano Mario Iraci
Variation in intonation across Italy: The case of Palermo Italian

Violetta Cataldo, Riccardo Orrico and Renata Savy
Phonetic variations of f0 range in L1 and L2: a comparison between Italian, English, and Spanish native and nonnative speakers

Nuria Esteve-Gibert, Hélène Loevenbruck, Marion Dohen, Thierry Legou and Mariapaola D'Imperio
Adults’ and children’s use of prosody and head gestures to mark contrastive focus in French

Francesco Cangemi and Martine Grice
Quantifying variability

Glenda Gurrado and Patrizia Sorianello
The Frequency Code: the perception of ‘dominance/submissiveness’ dimension in female voices.

Licia Sbattella, Roberto Tedesco and Sonia Cenceschi
The definition of a descriptive space of Italian prosodic forms: The CALLIOPE model

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16:30-17:00 COFFEE BREAK

John Esling
The laryngeal articulator’s influence on voice quality and vowel quality

Cinzia Avesani, Vincenzo Galatà, Mario Vayra, Catherine Best, Bruno Di Biase and Fabio Ardolino
Contact and attrition in the repertoires of Italian speakers in Australia

Paolo Mairano, Tania Cerni, Mirjana Sokolovic Perovic and Bene Bassetti
Italians acquiring the timing of English plosives: gemination and VOT

Vincenzo Galatà, Giulia Angonese and Claudio Zmarich
Italian as L2 in Romanian preschoolers: evidence from a perception and production task


Thursday, Jan. 26

Susanne Fuchs
Changes and challenges in explaining speech variation: A review over the last 50 years

Didier Demolin
Variation of anatomical features and the shape of phonological systems

Chiara Celata, Chiara Meluzzi, Sylvia Moosmueller, Bettina Hobel, Chiara Bertini
The acoustic and articulatory bases of speech timing: a cross-linguistic study

Fabian Santiago and Paolo Mairano
Do Spaniards speak faster than Mexicans? Studying Spanish rhythm in natural speech

11:00-11:40 COFFEE BREAK

Claudio Zmarich (chair), Stuttering and phonetic theory: An introduction
Robin Lickley, Disfluency in typical and stuttered speech
Giovanna Lenoci, Stuttering and Coarticulation
Pierpaolo Busan, Neurophysiology of developmental stuttering and models of speech motor control

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16:00-16:20 COFFEE BREAK

16:20-16:40 Franco Ferrero Award

Duccio Piccardi
Sociophonetic factors of speakers' sex differences in Voice Onset Time: a Florentine case study

Stephan Schmid
The speech of immigrants and its imitation: Sociophonetic variation in Swiss German

Claudia Roberta Combei and Ottavia Tordini
A Corpus-based Sociophonetic Analysis of Open-mid Vowels Uttered by Young Male and Female Speakers of the Pisan Variety

Daniela Mereu
Sociophonetic variation in Cagliari: the analysis of a local stereotype in a ‘community of practice’


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FRiday, Jan. 27


Leonardo Badino and Franco Cutugno
The hundred lives of the Motor Theory of speech perception. New pros and cons

Patrycja Strycharczuk and James Scobbie
Towards systematic exploration of variation in gestural timing. /l/ vocalisation in Southern British English

Alessandro Vietti, Lorenzo Spreafico, Vincenzo Galatà and Constantijn Kaland
Mapping language experience onto phonetic categories

Maria Paola Bissiri and James M. Scobbie
Tongue dynamics at word-boundaries in English and English-accented German: the influence of prosodic structure and word-initial glottalisation

Etske Ooijevaar
Articulation and acoustics of mid vowels before liquids in a Dutch dialect

11:00-11:40 COFFEE BREAK

Natalia Kuznetsova and Vasilisa Verkhodanova
Phonetic variation and phonological categorization under subsequent stages of sound change in Finnic varieties of Ingria

Davide Garassino, Stephan Schmid and Michele Loporcaro
Vowel length in two dialects of Liguria: Diatopic variation and change in progress

Piero Cosi, Andrea Calvo, Giulio Paci, Giacomo Sommavilla, Fabio Tesser and Valentina Paisan
Is voice personalization suitable and useful for ALS patients?

Irene Ricci, Chiara Bertini, Mariangela Manti, Elisabetta Surace
A new artificial palate for tongue pressure measurements




Pier Marco Bertinetto, Silvia Calamai, Charles Barone, Chiara Bertini, Irene Ricci, Reza Falahati
Allophonic vs. phonemic labio-palatal glide: a cross-linguistic EPG study on Italian and French

Chiara Bertini, Irene Ricci, Silvia Calamai, Francesca Biliotti, Stefano Dei Rossi project and the new panel: tools for digitization, storage and cataloguing of oral archives

Paolo Bravi
Diverse notes: the origin of variation of the quality of voice in singing voices

Chiara Celata, Irene Ricci, Andrea Nacci and Salvatore Romeo
The physiology of voiced apical trills. Implications for sound change

Chen Cheng and Chiara Celata
An articulatory study on syllabification of sC clusters in Italian

Lorenzo Ciaurelli and Daniela Beltrami
Spontaneous speech in patients with Alzheimer's disease: The role of age of acquisition

Francesco Avanzini, Piero Cosi, Rolando Füstös and Andrea Sandi
When fantasy meets science: The recreated voice of Ötzi the “iceman”

Piero Cossu
Variation of /r/ in the dialect of Suelli (Cagliari). An acoustic-articulatory account

Francesca Cotugno
The case of devoicing final -d in the Vindolanda writing-tablets

Esther de Leeuw
Different language norms for different genders: L1 attrition and L2 acquisition in German-English late consecutive bilinguals as a function of gender

Didier Demolin
Modelling the sources and functions of speech variation: evidence from rhotic consonants

Reza Falahati and Etske Ooijevaar
The distribution of rhotic variants in Persian: an ultrasound tongue imaging and acoustic study

Aparna Garimella
Games People Say: An Experimental Framework for Measuring Reward-Based Variation in Acoustic Measures of Speech Effort

Giovanna Lenoci and Irene Ricci
An ultrasound study of anticipatory coarticulation in the speech of Italian children who stutter

Irene Lorenzini
A developmental link between perception and production - Typical development and Childhood apraxia of speech

Chiara Meluzzi and Nicholas Nese
Dental affricates realization in young speakers in Pavia and Bolzano: a sociophonetic perspective

Rosalba Nodari
Indexicality and aspiration in Calabrian Italian: a sociophonetic approach

Caterina Petrone, Elisa Sneed German, Simona Schiattarella and Giovanna De Bellis
Cognitive differences as individual sources of variation in dialogic conversation

Claudio Zmarich, Carla Leonardi, Elisa Raccanelli and Giulia Rancan
Instability of speech production as a marker of Childhood Apraxia of Spech (CAS): segmental and acoustic evidence