Conference venue



The conference will be held in the Palazzo della Carovana located in Piazza dei Cavalieri in the old town center of Pisa. The conference room will be Sala Azzurra.


Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) lies in piazza dei Cavalieri, in the middle of a pedestrian area and is thus unaccessible to private cars. If you need to reach SNS by car, send an e-mail to

The main station is “Pisa Centrale”, located in the city centre about 1 km from the Scuola Normale. In order to reach the main building or the guest-house (both situated in piazza dei Cavalieri), you either walk (approximately 20 minutes; see the map) or take a bus. The bus stop is on the right handside as you exit the station. The useful ones are: 2, 4, LAM verde, 13 and 22 (only on the night). Get out at the second stop after crossing the river. From there, take via Curtatone e Montanara up to Piazza dei Cavalieri (not more than 5 minutes; see the map).The bus ticket may be bought at the station at the newspaper shop or at the automatic machine. Tickets bought on the bus are more expensive.
Needless to say, the alternative is taking a taxi (24h/24h, phone: 050.541600).

The airport lies very close to Pisa center. There is a bus connection to the train station every 20 minutes (bus "LAM rossa"). From there, still using the same ticket, take one of the buses indicated above. The bus stop is just outside the airport exit. The bus ticket can be obtained at the automatic machine at the bus stop or at the newspaper kiosk. Tickets bought on the bus are more expensive. Once more, the alternative is the taxi (24h/24h, phone: 050.541600).
The Florence Airport is the next closest airport to the city of Pisa. It is linked to the central train station (Santa Maria Novella) of Florence by shuttle busses and from there by train to Pisa. The trains leave approximately every thirty minutes and take about an hour from Florence to Pisa.


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